Bringing you the best of mobility solution you always wanted. State-of-the-art features and world-class technology, a sustainable, quiet and comfortable ride. My Car Elevators portfolio of elevators and escalators has everything you need and more. Forall building types and capacities.

Our products are tested constantly and our engineers have a reputation for outstanding support. My Car Elevators always aims for maximum customer satisfaction by providing the best of services possible.



To manage a building, you have to make sure the product meets your expectations and of the tenants and visitors. The mobility solutions the building uses must be efficient and reliable 24/7

Schindler can really be the difference here. We’ll team up with you to ensure building mobility never stops by ensuring the equipment operates reliably. Our maintenance teams work in the background, without hindering building activities. We measure our service performance to help you manage your building better. Nevertheless keeping the total cost of operation low.




Effective business communication starts by asking the right questions to understand the customer’s needs and wants to be able to recommend a product or service customized to the customer. Whether it’s a new installation, maintenance, and repair, or modernization – My Car Elevators ensure seamless communication with its customers to ensure the product and or service offered as expected and not just mere sales.




My Car Elevators know that you need to rely on your lifts and we will make sure you can. With highly trained lift engineers, we provide excellent local maintenance, repairs and refurbishment service to keep you and your loved once going 24/7.